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Alex Kuro
How to make anything positive? Just add a little "courage" to it.

In February 2012, Aion will be switching from a subscription based system to the free-to-play model. This switch spares your wallet from the start: there are no monthly charges or costs for registration and the game client. The whole world of Atreia and all its regions is open for your exploration: all the quests, all playable classes, all specialisations and all instances are available.

Wait... no...
you can`t just...

no... nonoNO...

Aion-Free-to-Play’s release is getting closer by the minute. Start Aion’s pre-load today to prepare for its launch in February. The game client can be used for the Closed Beta starting on the 26.01. as well as for the game’s launch in February.

How dare you...


Click on ‘Download‘ and follow the instructions.


3.0... 3.0 soon.


Behind the Hakurei Border