Alex Kuro
How to make anything positive? Just add a little "courage" to it.
Только что окончательно выбрали следующий город для летних олимпийских игр.
Внезапно, это Токио. прямо все сомневались, лол

>2020 Tokyo
>Holograms leading the parade of nations
>Holographic Miku sings the opening song
>Kawaii mascots
>Everything seems to be over
>Suddenly, Jikai Yokoku from Evangelion starts playing
>Kotono Mitsuishi's voice out of fucking nowhere promising more fanservice
>Crowd goes wild and flips their shit in hype
>Roy Mustang appears in the middle of the stage with the Olympic torch in his hand burning with blazing FIRE
>The Morning Lescue team all wearing Kamina's glasses drop off from the fucking sky
>Fanta springs flood the stages
>Russiu appears out of fucking nowhere and announces the games will have to be cancelled
>A giant Rei head balloon eclipses the sun
>Master Anno himself shows up and promises more fanservice
>The broadcast is interrupted by Lelouch as Spinzaku drops from the sky and kicks Anno in the face
>The crowd yells FIGHTO and BANZAI during events
>yfw the lights go off in the stadium
>silence fills the air
>the distant sound of plane engines can be heard
>all of the sudden two aicraft high above take a sharp turn and spiral downward towards the stadium
>they crash into the middle of the field in a huge explosion
>300 lolis burst from the flames
>2 giant Gundams rise from the center of the arena shooting streamers and fireworks everywhere
>insane light show fills the stadium as the lolis dance seductively
>hologram version of the Beatles starts playing in the center of the field
>3000 samurai fill the field and engage in coreographed combat
>a giant water sphere rises from the center high above the grounds announcing the arrival of blitzball as a new sport a the olympic games
>Cosplayers and loli mascots EVERYWHERE
>Japans national costume is maido uniform
>KyoAni, releasing Free the Movie Olimpics 2020